Michael Rindom Krogsgaard

Prof. Michael Rindom Krogsgaard

2011 Faglig leder Idrætskirurgisk Enhed Bisperbjerg og Frederiksberg Hospital

1997 Professor for sportstraumatologi and artroskopi, Bispebjerg-Frederiksberg Hospital

1992 Specialæge I ortopædkirurgi

1992 Ph. D. Copenhagen University

1983 Gold medal Århus University

1980 Cand. med openhagen University.

Member of the ethical committee F in the Municipal Region 2013-18.

Senior section editor for Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports since 2014.

Chairman for Danish Society for Arthroscopy and Sports Traumatology 1996-2007.

Board Member of Danish Society for Schoulder and Elbow Surgery 2009-17.

Consultant for Danish Patient Compensation Association (Patientforsikringen, Patienterstatningen) since 2000.

Consultant for Retslægerådet since 2000.

Scientific and educational work:

110 articles in peer reviewed journals.

208 presentations in national and international scientific societies.

15 chapters in textbooks.

Editor on 6 textbooks.

Coauthor of the Danish reference program for knee ligament injury (2005) and the National guidelines for meniscal pathology (2016). Reviewer of the National guidelines for shoulder conditions (2013).

Supervisor for 7 Ph.D.-students (5 completed) and numerous bachelor- and candidate theses.

Organizer of 68 courses, 7 international congresses/symposia and lecturer on > 100 courses.

Honorary member of the Danish Society for Arthroscopic Surgery and Sportstraumatology.

Active research:

The disease process causing frozen shoulder – a biopsy and PET/CT study.

Microstructure of the human musculotendinous junction and tissue adaptions following load.

The optimal reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament – cadaveric, laboratory and clinical studies.

Mapping of muscular strategies for coordination around shoulder and knee in normal and in various pathological conditions and the effect of muscle training.

Turnover of collagen in menisci and anterior cruciate ligament.

Randomized, clinical studies on the treatment of ligament injuries of the knee (2 studies) and plantar fasciitis (1 study).

Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) in the orthopedic setting. Adaption of a condition specific PROM for cruciate ligament rupture in US and Scandinavia. The importance of responsiveness, relevance and coverage.