Section of sportstraumatology Bispebjerg Hospital

Welcome to the department of sportstraumatology at Bispebjerg Hospital

The section of Sportstraumatology M51 at Bispebjerg Hospital is the no. 1 adresse for the treatment of sportsinjuries in Eastern Denmark and the capital region of Copenhagen. Situated in the heart of Copenhagen, overviewing the beautiful skyline of the Danish capital, the section of sportstraumatolgy is providing highly specialized treatment in the shoulder-, knee- and hip surgery.

As one of only three hospitals in whole Denmark advanced surgical treatment for chronic patella instability (trochleoplasty), multi ligament knee injuries, meniscal- and cartilage replacement and knee surgery on adolescence is performed.

The section of Sportstraumatolgy is proud to be a part of the IOC Research Center Copenhagen as well as being an official teaching center of ESSKA (European Society of Sportstraumatolgy, KneeSurgery and Arthroscopy).

Lead by Prof. Michael Rindom Krogsgaard the Section of Sportstraumatolgy is represented in scientific meetings nationally and internationally. Together with the Institute of Sportsmedicin around 50 peer-reviewed articles are published each year.

In an unik enviroment of sportsmedicin, sportstraumatology, research and (pre- and postgraduate) education the Section of Sportstraumatology offers diagnostics and treatment of more and less complex sports injuries on the highest level.

Contact us:

Idrætskirurgisk Enhed M51, building 5, level 1, B​ispebjerg Hospital

Nielsine Nielsens Vej 3

2400 København NV​​​​​​​​


Tlf:​​ 38 63 53 20 (Telefontid:​ 08:00 ​- ​15:​​0​0)​​​​​

​Fax: ​38 63 97 84